Homewood Hefe

5% ABV // 5.6 IBU // 3.9 SRM
A crisp n’ tasty hometown tradition!
Styled after the classic German Breakfast Ale, Homewood’s new favorite Hefe perfectly balances a cloudy light feel with low-hop, malty sweetness. Accented with traditional clove, banana, and light vanilla notes, and served unfiltered in a traditional Weizen glass, this sexy-looking beer is bound to put a smile on your face.

A Pound A Brown

4.5% ABV // 12.4 IBU // 24.7 SRM
Way back in the early 18th Century
Mild brown ales were often the highlight of a family’s annual ale budget – which by the way, happened to be roughly one pound! (Hence the name! Clever, right?) In that tradition, this malty, roasty brew carries hints of chocolate and toffee, rolling into a smooth, creamy finish. Welcome to Malt Heaven. It’s well worth a pound or two.

Underdog IPA

Coming Soon!

Phase 3 Pilsner

5% ABV // 24 IBU // 4 SRM
A true German lager full of pilsner malt, light German hops, and just a touch of honey.
Being a new brewery, we know the meaning of hustle. When life rushes you into the fast lane; take the time to Stop and smell the roses. At Red Hills everyday is go go go!!! So at this phase of our life we brewed a true traditional German lager to remind us sometimes it's okay to take your time and do things right. So sit back relax and enjoy. You've earned it.