Biscotti Vaso

5.3% ABV // 34.5 IBU // 13.5 SRM
Ever get caught with your hand in the cookie jar as a kid?
Well It’s time to be naughty again with our Biscotti Vaso. A rich amber ale with subtle notes of everything you love about Nona’s oatmeal cookies. Smooth creamy notes and a holiday spice finish. This beer will take you back to grabbing the last cookie in the jar.

Underground Pale Ale

5% ABV // 50 IBU // 4.9 SRM
A strong hop aroma from American hop varieties like Cascade and El Dorado
with a wide range of characteristics of big citrus, floral, tropical fruit, and melon notes. Medium maltiness supports the hop presentation. Pale golden in color, like iron pouring from the furnaces of yesteryear. This is a pale, refreshing and hoppy ale, with a sufficient supporting malt backbone to make the beer balanced. An American craft beer, nicely balanced in flavor inspired by the iron mines of Red Mountain and the underground clubs of Five Points.



Gangsta Rap Westcoast IPA

7.2% ABV // 70 IBU // 9.3 SRM
Inspired by our love of West Coast Hip-Hop, this super hoppy IPA is the real deal.
Starting with fresh piney notes, we build off of a cool malt bassline, before layering in lots of hoppy greens and spinning in some tropical, citrusy, and herbal notes. Following with a nice clean bitterness, it lands with a crisp finish. Like a classic West Coast groove, you’ll never want it to end.

Red Shire

4.4% ABV // 25.9 IBU // 31.3 SRM
We at Red Hills are huge fans of a certain Irish Beer
We wanted to bring a little bit of Ireland to Homewood. The Red Shire is our take on a Dry Irish Stout. This beer will take you to the Red Hills (Shires) of Ireland. It is a made with British base, crystal and roasted malts, this in combination with a bit of rye malt give the beer a wonderful creamy mouthfeel. The flavors are exactly what you expect from this style of beer, there are hints of Chocolate and Coffee, along with a beautiful toasty aroma. We used classic English Hops to balance this beer so it is not overly sweet. Come by the brewery and have this beer the way it was intended to be served... on Nitro!!!



White IPA (Coming Soon)


Radler (Coming Soon)




Caught in the Rye

6.2 ABV // 57.4 IBU // 8.3 SRM
We're so caught up with this grain ,
We had to do something special with it. So, like Holden Caulfield we decided to be the protagonist and go on a journey. We blended this grain with tons of citrus hops. It has a Huge, tangerine, grapefruit, clementine bouquet on the nose and a solid malt balance to catch them all in the spicy rye finish.